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I’m writing again!


So this is second post in one day after I decided not to post as much. But I did. And I’m posting it on because I am so excited and want it out there already.

And thank you Madison. This is your fault, you know. You were the one who said “Does anyone else think it’s evil that books need to have plots?” and opened up a whole new realm of possibilities.



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What exactly is the subject of this post? I don’t know.

So while I have no idea what to call this post, just a warning to you dear blogging people that I am going to likely be a bad blogger for a while, because I really don’t have much to say and it’s summer and I’m busier and have less time to actually sit and write out a whole post and think of interesting, funny things to say. Well, I don’t have much to say, but I do have plenty for you guys to hear music-wise. I’m so obsessed with music now it’s not even funny, and I’m always dying to post a song or something for you guys to listen to I’m so excited whenever I hear a good song. I think I’ll post a video once a week according to my mood, or interestingness. It depends.

So to start y’all off, how about my favorite Taylor Swift concert song that was so life-changing for reasons I’m not entirely sure of?


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Y’all might have noticed the blog title change. I’d been considering it for the last few weeks, but wasn’t sure what to do. After the concert and some fairly recent events I decided Fearless would be a bit more fitting, although Q, I still loved your idea of Faithful! I think it’s time for a bit of a change, time for a little more fearlessness.


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Still Untitled

Remember the night you called me up
Said it was over, said you’d had enough
You’d thought it was real, thought she loved you
Told me she didn’t care anymore

Seemed like the stars came crashing down
And smashed what made your world go round
You got right back on that horse I called Life
But wouldn’t hold my hands, never held tight
She’d shown you love in a way you didn’t like
And you didn’t know she’d saved….your life

Your best friend brought you to your senses
Told you I loved you, that love couldn’t last
You had to realize it was just a bunch of pretenses
But under your smile you still thought those days were best.

Like every other girl, couldn’t take my advice
Knew how to solve all problems but mine
Wasn’t prepared, had a lot to learn
And when the tables finally turned

Seemed like the stars came crashing down
And smashed what made the world go round
You got me back on that horse you called Life
Held my hands but not too tight
Showed me your love, it was a kind I didn’t always like
But every time I found you’d saved…. My life.


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Last night after the concert, I had a million thoughts rushing through my head (actually, it was probably just an adrenaline rush), and knew exactly how I was going to describe the concert. But now that it comes down to it, it was sort of indescribable. I could say it was amazing. Understatement. I could say it was the best night of my entire stinking life. Understatement. I could say a lot of things, but nothing would really do it justice. So reading this, imagine it times a hundred. No, a thousand. A million. Times infinity.

Well, first off Taylor and I met the incredibly cool, sweet, and fun Erin! That was sort of unreal, but so real at the same time. I love you LRRHers, but in person you are even cooler (from what I’ve seen.) Once I walked through the doors and saw her the craziness seemed finally real, and my high only wore off for a few seconds while I was trying to figure out how to walk down the incredibly steep stairs in high heels. Gloriana was performing when we came in, but I’d never heard them before so I was sort of clueless while they played. Kellie Pickler was pretty good, but I mostly just sat there trying to take in the hugeness of the place and the incredibleness of actually talking to Erin :) . But when Taylor Swift came on…. WOW. It was so. Stinking. Amazing. She started off with You Belong with Me, and I have to say her band leader outfit was incredible, but the dress underneath was better. I will certainly say that girl loves sparkles and costume changes- Mercy counted eleven. I honestly don’t remember the first few songs, I was so high on awesome. I just remember totally pimped-out guitars and static in my ears from the loudness, and the Adam Lambert wannabe guitarist with a baby face trying to look tough. Love Story was AWESOME! Her first dress was lovely- a lot like the one she was wearing at the beginning of the video but in red- but the dress underneath!! It wasn’t the dress from the video (too much to hope for) but it was still the prettiest white dress I’ve ever seen!

I think my second-favorite part of the concert was her singing Fifteen down in the crowd. It reminded me of a certain person. Bailey, you are the awesomest cousin/big sister figure in the whole entire world, and when this song started playing I remembered the time you posted the lyrics on your blog for me. It made me think of you. I wish you had been there to see it with me. I love you so, so much!

The best part of the entire concert were the last few songs. Should’ve Said No was AMAZING. The huge drum face-off was awesome, and totally dramatic. Picture to Burn was fun to sing along with at the top of my lungs. You’re Not Sorry was really interesting and different, that was probably my favorite song she did. And when she did Change? Earlier in the show she had been describing what Fearless was (sort of like the real beauty challenge, as dear Erin reminded me), but I think it was better summed up singing that song. There is nothing, I repeat nothing quite as amazing as hearing hundreds and hundreds of people singing “It was the night things changed, do you see it now? These walls that they put up to hold us back fell down. It’s a revolution, throw your hands up, cause we never gave in, and we sang hallelujah, we sang hallelujah, hallelujah.” It actually gave me cold chills.

And the whole concert made me think. I’ve heard people say that they feel insignificant in a huge crowd of people, like they don’t matter because they’re just one voice in a crowd no one will ever notice. To me, it felt different. Standing up there with all those people singing at the top of my lungs with no one hearing me for some reason made me feel totally significant. It made me think- to anyone in this crowd, I’m just another person with my friends in a crowd. But I know me, and I know my friends, and I know I am important and I’m me, and they are important and they are my best friends, and that even if I don’t know them every person in that room is important. And it doesn’t matter if I can’t hear each individual voice or if they can hear mine, because when they all mix together it makes the loudest, most beautiful, fearless noise I have ever heard. And that made me think: What is fearless, and what is beauty? There has to be more than what Taylor said, or what I’ve heard people say in the real beauty contest.. I found a few examples at that concert. Fearless is three little girls in front of me singing “Fifteen” for all they’re worth at the top of their lungs, and even when they forget the words they just keep on singing. Fearless is singing the instrumental part of the music on each song and not being afraid to let other people know it! And fearless is singing off-pitch with two of the awesomest friends ever singing right along with you (although maybe a little better.)


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Annoyed with America

Well thanks to facebook, I am not watching American Idol tonight.

Stupid America. I mean, Kris was okay, but ADAM? Seriously! That man could SING! I can’t believe someone with a vocal range as extreme and amazing talent, who could do so much with any song couldn’t win! Whenever Kris sang it sounded like he was singing to save his life, and while it was certainly good (how could it not be, he was in the finale!) it wasn’t like Adam. It was always like being at an Adam Lambert concert when he was singing, like he was so far past ANYONE that it looked effortless. He got so into his music!

I’m beyond shocked and totally irritated. Sigh. I will have to satisfy my irritable musical self with some amazing Marc Cohn music and Taylor Swift tomorrow night. For now I’ll just listen to this amazing song and when Adam’s album comes out, I’ll buy HIS album.


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Who’s legs are we tossing off the cliffs of insanity?

This is soon going to be the world’s saddest froggy, and any old LRRHer knows why.


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