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I know I’ve been neglecting this blog, but I have an excuse! really, I do!

For like, a month now, my family will not stop being sick. I was a little bit sick for two days in early January, and then my mom got really, really sick for almost two weeks.  She got a cold, double eye infection, and then the flu. Then Mercy and Hope got sick, then got better, and are sick again now. My dad fought being sick for a long time and now he’s completley out of it lying in bed under five blankets and has been sleeping since eleven in the morning all day and even took off work, which is a sign he’s bad because last week he had worked 55 hours by Wednsday.

I was kind of proud of myself because I was only mildly sick for a few days and remained healthy besides that, but last night I ended up dry vomiting all night with a fever. I slept pretty much all day today and now I’m feeling better, but if I have the same thing as mom and my sisters I’ll be feeling fine and then get worse all of a sudden. Oh well, I’m using what time I have to catch up on stuff and check my email and clean up a little bit.

So hopefully I’ll be able to post a little more frequently now, next post I think I’ll be doing a review of the movie Inkheart.



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No 80’s hair

I am now embarrasingly in like with the Jonas Brothers. I’m not like obsessed, but I really do like them. But my friend Micky (not the mouse) got me a Jonas Brother poster foy my birthday, and my like of their music did not prevent me from going to town on it. The deal was I could do whatever I wanted to do to it as long as it remained in one piece and it was on my wall. So I put tattoos up and down Joe’s left arm, put hearts on his tie, colored his white pants green plaid, gave him a big old mustache and goatee, and then went to town turning Kevin into a leprachaun. He has green sideburns and a beard. I still havent’ decided what to do to Nick… muahahahaha. I’m open to suggestions.

I usually have really straight lifeless annoying hair, but I got a spiral perm today and it looks awesome! It took three hours to get it permed at the hairdresser but it turned out really pretty. The smell was horrible, though. I seriously thought I was going to pass out when she took the garbage back off my hair. Most disgusting smell ever, not like cow manure. Cow manure smells good. This was just nasty. But it’s not too short, not wild, and doesn’t look like something from the eighties. So we’re good.

(P.S. Have you seen this link? Funniest Jonas Brother video ever.)


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For all you Grobanites

I made a survey!! It was so much fun and I can’t wait to see the results… here is the link, I look forward to seeing what the average level of Josh Groban obsession is on a scale from zero to nine. :D <a href=””>Click Here to take survey</a>

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Sorry Khan

Last night as my family was watching Star Trek: The wrath of Khan for the first time and as I said Khan was awesome and the best actor in the movie, the real person who played Khan died.

Gulp. I’d better not praise anymore actors. He was good too.

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Maybe you should wake up now

I had a very interesting morning. My whole family was sick (My mom to the extent she couldn’t get up out of bed at the time) so I had called my grandpa and grandma and they were going to take me to church. They were going to pick me up at 8:45. I had a horrible night and literally did not sleep, my sister sounded really sick and sent me running a few times to see if she was okay at like three in the morning. So at about seven I thought “Well I’ll try to sleep for forty five minutes and then get ready.”

Next thing I know my dad is telling me “Faith, shouldn’t you be awake? They’re going to be here at nine fifteen aren’t they, that’s in half an hour.” I lay there in bed for a minute processing this information and then bolted out of bed screaming, “No, they’re supposed to be here at 8:45!” My dad’s all “Well, that’s like, now.” And the doorbell rings. I stand half-stricken in my pajamas for a second and then run for the closet yanking on whatever isn’t jeans and is clean, and yell, ‘Tell then to wait for five minutes!”

And yes. I did it. In four minutes flat. Got dressed, brushed my teeth, ripped a brush through my hair and pulled it into a ponytail, grabbed my Bible and ran, shoes in hand to put them on in the car. I was in such a rush I only got one earring in before I left, a fact which made one girl in the youth group laugh uncontrollably.My great-grandmother who is not always the kindest not most tactful of women informed me that I had a cowlick and my hair was static-y and that it was beautiful. But at least I had clothes on, even though I found out what I was going to wear that morning halfway to church in the car. It wasn’t really pretty but it covered me up and wouldn’t insult anyone.

And I made it to church ten minutes early. It was a beautiful, glorious thing.


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That’s so lame

Augh! I am feeling so stupid and kind of pathetic. I searched to the last five minutes and can’t figure out how to change my blog title!

That’s just sad.


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A VERY uneven haircut

My three-year old sister took it upon herself last night to cut her own hair. We’d been saying she needed a haircut so I guess she decided to do it. I heard my mom screaming, “No, NO! Hope DON’T DO THAT!” and this morning she had chopped the front of her hair to the middle of her ears. I was cracking up but my mom took her to see if a proffesional could get it to look good… and now she pretty much has teenage boy hair. It’s so short it’s funny. She at least has bangs and it’s longer in the back but from the front it looks like someone chopped off most of her gorgeous silky black shiny Korean hair. You always hear about a little kid cutting their own hair but it’s hilarious when they actually do it. It is too bad we can’t to piggytails though :D


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