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When life gives you a free house, get some house-packing tape

I got a little bit of a mild shock today. I was at church doing a carwash fundraiser and working on an extreme sunburn (OW) when my mom showed up about an hour, hour and a half early. She walks up to me and goes “Faith, we’re moving.” We’d discussed moving into my great-grandparent’s now-empty house about a week before, so I was surprised but not totally shocked. I asked her when, and she said “This week or next.”

I gave her the are-you-crazy-kidding-me look. We’d discussed moving into their house, but I’d figured it would be a month or two from now, with time for packing and selling our house and then moving into theirs. Our current house is big and filled with stuff, and I was trying to imagine moving into a much smaller house in just maybe two WEEKS. But I guess we’re doing it. We measured furniture out and out stuff and we will just fit. Of course, there is that small detail called “Packing up my great-grandparent’s stuff and getting it to my grandmother’s house where they’re living and selling our house,” but hey, no worries, right?

Yeah right.

I’m freaking out. Partly because I like my house. I LOVE my house. I think I have the coolest house on earth. I do not want to leave it. I mean, I’m not going to give my parents a hard time about it because I know they’re right but I really do not want this move.

But we’re allowed to stay here. We have an offer of a free house and it’s only fifteen minutes away from here. We’ll fit. It’s a nice house with lots of storage space, new carpet, a doghouse (Hey mom, can I have a dog too? Come on, free doghouse), and a really cool tree house. And that one other little detail… called MY SISTER AND I GET THE MASTER BEDROOM TO OURSELVES!

How awesome is that? My dad decided that instead of sticking both of us and all our stuff into the one other little bedroom, he would let us  take it and my mom and dad would be in the little bedroom. He figured that since my sisters and I actually pretty much live in our bedrooms and my mom and dad only sleep in theirs, it would be more practical. So even though Mercy and I have to share a room, it’s not bad at all. We can fit all of our stuff and we get what I am pretty sure is the world’s coolest closet- I get to store my books in the CLOSET! On shelves that my fashion-obsessed great-grandmother put all of her old ugly shoes on! And a cat litter box but who cares because I am so stinking excited about that awesome closet!

So I’m also kind of happy about the move, although it will be a transition. It’s actually closer to most of my friends and my church and the people I love. We will hopefully be repainting the kitched (from its current bubblegum pink) and getting something other than painted green rocks and dying catcti in the front yard, but really it is a nice house and I already love it, having been going there once a week since I was a newborn baby.

So what did I learn from this? When life gives you a free house, get some house-packing tape and get started movingl.



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A pressing question, pertaining to daffodils and Josh Groban

I know, I know, two posts in one day. But I have a very, very important question.

So Kartik is a daffodil, you AGATB fans say.

But what is Josh Groban?

Really, you must think of these things. Besides Kartik the Daffodil, Josh is the one thing we LRRHrs talk the most about. What kind of flower is he? A peony? A petunia? Rose (nah, too cliche)? Daisy? Or is he even a flower? Perhaps he is a tree. Or a weed, though I doubt it. Or is he that wilty little plant in my backyard? It’s just as likely that he’s a lilac.

So what do you guys think?


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My family rocks.

I’m not sure why, but I felt compelled to post that I love my family.

Because I do. And they’re awesome. Yesterday we were moving my great-grandparents in with my grandmother and grandfather and our whole family was helping move them, and afterwards we all sat down to dinner and I realized I really love them all. All seventeen of them. It’s not a particularly large family, but it’s still great.

And that was random. And probably no one cares because they’ll never meet my family. But I was feeling… loveable? Or is it lovingble? Today and felt like saying that.


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Ah, summer.

I can not wait for it. Right now I’m in brand-new shorts and a short sleeved shirt, and it’s actually warm outside. Not just a little bit cool. WARM. As in I stepped in the sunshine and it was too warm for my currently used-to-cold self and I went back into the shade.

I love summer. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because of all the good memories I have of it. I was bored the other day and made a list of the things I think of when I hear summer. Some things are short, some are really long.

1. Standing on the edge of my little friend’s pool holding her hand and jumping in at the same time, coming up screaming because it’s so cold

2. Sitting on the sidewalk on the side of my street at nine thirty at night with a bunch of friends drinking cupful after cupful of that nasty fake pink lemonade that we all drink continually through the summer although no one really likes it and it gets all lukewarm and full of ants

3. Setting up a card table in the driveway and hooking up my friend’s iPod to her stereo so we had music while we played a really crazy game of spoons, and being up until after ten at night playing cards without parents telling us to come in for bed

4. Freaking out all the crazy moms in the neighborhood by knocking on their doors and asking if their kids could play- barefoot. One mom informed me I was going to get third degree burns on my feet and ordered me into the pool to cool them off. Lol, chill. That lady was an awesome mom but SO weird about some things.

5. Being at my best friend’s house wrapped in a towel with sopping wet and tangled hair, just sitting in her Arizona room and laughing as we eat slushies we made with so much sugar you can feel the sugar coursing through your body, then getting a little high on sugar and having a water war in her pool

6. Ice cream. Ah, ice cream. You are truly wonderful.

7. Living in my swimsuit for weeks on end.

8. Tearing down the street in 120 degree weather with no shoes on to see if my friend could play, and suddenly stopping and watching a dust storm run in. I just remember standing there and hearing everything get quiet, and all of a sudden the wall of dust hits you and lasts for a half hour before leaving, with only a thick layer of dust on the sidewalks to remember it had ever happened

9. Rainstorm after rainstorm. Wonderful, warm rain that soaks you to the skin but never making you cold.

10. Spending the whole morning blowing up 200 water balloons in the garage while it rained, and then as soon as the rain stopped running out into the street and having the world’s biggest water balloon fight. Ow. I had welts for a few days because at the time a few football-playing teenagers with really good aim lived a few houses down.

11. Playing Xbox for hours.

12. A certain little girl with a sticky face from eating a popsicle and rubbing it all over her face. I love you Hope!

13. Strawberries. And peaches.

14. Riding my bike.

15. One time being at my neighbor’s house and having such a violent lightning storm I wasn’t allowed to walk four houses down to my house and my dad had to drive over and pick me up.

I just love the summer. I can’t wait for tank tops, swimming, feet black from running on the pavement, and consuming entirely too much lemonade.

Trust me to get sentimental about lemonade and hot pavement.


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God in the eyes of a three and five year old

Last Friday night our youth group at church was doing a fundraiser for our upcoming mission’s trip to Mexico. I’m not going to be able to go, but I was going to this. Parents were supposed to drop off their kids and the youth group would babysit while they could go out to dinner for Valentine’s day. It was a total failure but that’s a whole nother story.

On the way to chuch, Hope and my five-year old cousin had a very animated discussion. We were driving by the hospital and there was a cross on top of it. Hope piped up over my cousin’s chattering “Is that the cross Jesus died on?” My cousin stopped babbling nonsense and nodded. “Yep, it’s to remind us of Jesus!”  he said. Hope held up her fingers in a cross shape and informed me that that was what is looked like. My cousin told us that “God had a crown, and there were thorns on it. And he died. But he’s not dead now, right?”

Hope returned it with another fact. “And you know what? God loves it when we share.” She was very matter-of-fact, but my cousin shook his head. “No, God made the world.” He pointed out the car window. “He made those big mountains and the trees and everything, all the big stuff. He made it all.” He and Hope had a big loud discussion on how God made the world, loves sharing, and made you and me. In the end Hope told my dad and my in the front seat “The man at church who teaches my class told me there’s a good place and a bad place. But we’re going to the good place someday, right?”

I love being able to hear a three year old talking to someone about what she’s learning at church and being so excited about it. We were all laughing because it was kind of funny the way my cousin thought that because God made the world he couldn’t possibly care wether or not they shared, and Hope setting him right. But as funny as it was, it was still true and it was really sweet to hear them talking about it.

Edit:  ****WARNING**** At least try to be respectful in your comments. Even if you don’t believe the same thing as me, just be nice or don’t comment. If it strikes me as rude, I’m going to delete it, and I don’t want to delete another one.


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White Horse

Have you seen the new Taylor Swift White Horse music video?

I love it! Especially the smudged mascara, for some reason.


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A journal entry

Friday, February 2009

I’m in the bathtub at the moment. It’s so relaxing to handwrite in warm water. A few minutes ago my mom and I had a conversation as follows.

Setting: Faith is in a towel standing on top of the stairs. Mom is on her leather recliner in the living room.

Faith: Hey mom?

Mom: Yes?

Faith: I think there’s a bird nest in out vent. Above the tub.

Mom: *silence*

Faith: Cause it looks like a nest and something feathery’s moving.

Mom: *pause* really?

Faith: Yes.

Mom: *silence, the a squeaking sound as she gets up, comes around the corner, and upstairs*

Mom, looking at the vent: I think it’s just crud and dust.

Faith: Oh. *relieved laugh*

Mom: *laughs* does that make you feel better?

Faith: Yes.

But really. Wouldn’t it creep you out to be lying in a bathrub with a bird’s nest right above your head? Oh well. I’m done writing for now.

So now you guys have read my diary. Are you amazed with my secrets? Of course I still have them. But I don’t have much in the way of that written in my journal.

It’s a nice journal, too. All blue and leathery and soft. And has a really cool band that holds it shut. Sky blue is one of my favorite colors.

I’ll go, now that I’ve bored you to tears.


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