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No school today! Yay! Lots of cleaning today! Boo!
On the bright side, we have a clean house now! We WERE going to have a playdate but SOMEONE (this means you, Taylor) didn’t do her school! *fake glare* So instead I’m sitting at my computer typing.
This is probably my last post for maybe a week unless something happens that’s amazing in the next two days, since I’m going to Disneyland (the best place on earth except for home!!!) and California Adventure. *cheers* With that, goodye!



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How do I feel right now? *is thinking* honestly, the only word I can think of is bubbly. Yes, I’ve been listening to Colbie Caillat. I actually discovered her today. I think my favorite songs by her are Bubbly and Capri. This is “Capri.” And here’s “Bubbly.”
Anyways, it has not been a fantastic day at home, but for some reason now I feel kind of bubbly. But not in a bubbly way. In a simple way. Calm and relaxed and like little bubbles are, well, bubbling up in my mouth making me want to laugh.
I just feel happy and wanted to share. :D


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Oh dearie me.

OK, let me get this out.
*grrs* Now it says on RR section I “Do not have the required permissions to read topics in this thread.” Ah! And it’s very confusing.
And my whole family is sick. Well, my sister and mom are sick with fevers and coughing, my dad’s getting sick, and Mercy and I have been living at my friend’s and grandmother’s houses in the morning in hopes WE don’t get sick. And something went really badly on Tuesday and got worse tonight. *is seriously scared*


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Best books of 2007

Since everyone else was doing it and if I didn’t I’d just be posting fantastic reads for the rest of my life, I thought I’d post some of the best books I read in 2007 (a very good year!)

1. Stargirl and Love, Stargirl, by Jerry Spinelli- At first I only read these books because of couple of littlered people told me it was so good, and it was set in AZ. Eventually, after putting it off a long time, I opened it and read it. I’m still not quite sure why I loved them so much. Maybe because they were so different, with a character I really felt for. But it was beautiful.

2. Kiki Strike: Inside the Shadow City and Kiki Strike: Empress’s Tomb by Kirsten Miller- these books are probably the only detective story I have ever liked, ever. (Except for RS, of course.) But when you pair five genius girl scouts, new york, and underground cities, you just can’t go wrong. I know for sure why I loved these books- the girls had character and weren’t exactly crying if they got a nail broken (Unless it’s Oona). In short, they were a lot like my mom.

3. The Guardians of Time Trilogy by Marianne Curley- This trilogy was one I couldn’t put down. I read the first one and brought it everywhere until I could find the second and third books. It’s always exciting, has fantastic plot, great good guys and despicable bad guys, a couple of swoonerific guys, a couple guys you’re rolling your eyes at their stupidity, and some seriously hard-working, awesome girls.

4. Septimus Heap: Magyk by Angie Sage- I’m not sure what to say about this book. I really loved it and it was really great? I think I’ve already used up all the good words.

5. The Squire’s Tale by Gerald Morris- This book was HILARIOUS. There was one part where I fell off my bed laughing. Some of it’s adventurous, some of it lighthearted, and all of it amazing.

6. Last but not least….. *drum roll* the REALLY LONG AWAITED BOOK OF A
THOUSAND DAYS BY (I really shouldn’t’ have to tell you this) Shannon Hale, the coolest lady ever. I loved this book for many reasons.
1. I waited so long for it and the anticipation was so high
2. The characters were so different but wonderful and deep
3. It was told beautifully
4. I was NOT expecting what happened at the end
5. Tegus.

I didn’t love it the first time I read, merely enjoyed it. But on the second re-read I fell in love with it. The best book of the year.


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*singing* I think I’m hyper-sensative

I am so crazy. I’m really really touchy about change. A lot of tiny things bother me.
My friend Taylor and I re-arranged the furniture in my room. For two days I couldn’t sleep well since my room was different. I had a sleepover and someone wanted to go to sleep with my closet door shut. That made it impossible for me to sleep, since it was different. I turned twelve. *growls* ya know what that means? In less then 365 days I’ll be a teenager. Actually, my piano teacher helped me out on that one when I confessed I was NOT happy about that. She said, “then don’t be a teenager. Just be thirteen.”
Ha! I felt better. “I’m not a teenager, I’m just thirteen.”
On Wednesday I get braces. Don’t get me wrong, I need braces and I want braces. But my smile will be different. My teeth will be different. The reason I hated one orthodontist and went with the other is, the other orthodontist was saying he’d give me all these expansions and mouth gear to “Give you a bigger, straighter, much prettier smile, and “‘fix'” you jaw.” Darn it, I LIKE my stupid overbite. I mean, I’d be okay with making it a mild overbite. But I don’t WANT a bigger smile. I don’t WANT a different jawline. I want a bit straighter teeth and a milder overbite. I don’t want tooth plastic surgery!
And then the most crushing blow came. I know this sounds hilariously stupid to most of you guys, but LRRH changed. Yeah. A forum’s layout changed, big deal. But LRRH was always where I went to relax at the end of the school day, and it was so small and soft and friendly and un-harsh. But now instead of there being ten colours for our font, it was more then a hundred colours. So many more smilies. It was square and glaring and harsh. Even the way it counted your PM’s was different. I know everyone else loved it, but it was yet another thing that changed, and it was the place where I talked to some of my closest friends. And.. ugh. I’m sick of change. World, could you please stop for a few weeks and give me a chance to adjust and THEN start the changing again? It’s all so fast! I cna’t stand it! *voice fading* hhhhhhhheeeeeeelllllllllpppppp meeeeee!
Yeah. It’s been a, uhm, rough week.


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