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Kira-Kira, Life As We Knew It, and Keturah and Lord Death

Having recently run out of blogging material, and run into reading material, I told myself that I was going to post a book review each day, and therefore ahve 10 posts worth of reading. But I ran into a problem.

I have no opinion on most of the books.

I read the truth about forever first, but back to that one later. Life As We Knew It: No opinion. I did not care about anyone in the book, it just dragged on forever and ever to me, and really personally I think it was one of the worst endings I’ve ever read. I sat that and went “Wait, you’ve got to be kidding me. That’s the END? That’s it?” But I didn’t really care. Cause I don’t feel strongly about it and it was well written. Only one thing annoyed me: The way Christianity was portrayed. There was not a single example of a Christian who was not shown as stupid, illogical, or suicidal. That was a sore point.

Kira-kira was okay. Not as sad as I was expecting, a nice read, didn’t seem like anything spectacular. Also, I could have done with the characters acting a bit more their ages.

Can’t decide if I liked Keturah and Lord Death or really disliked it. It seemed as if we were just tossed into the middle of the story and it went from there. It was well written and interesting enough, but as for an “intence romance” with “Startling writing” I wouldn’t go that far. The romance was my least favorite aspect of the whole book, however I did really love a lot of the characters and it was interesting and something I’d never seen done before. So I go back and forth.

However, you can expect a full review of the truth about forever. That was amazing and deserves its own post.


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A succesful trip to the library

I went to the bookstore and I think I got some good books. Our library does NOT have a great selection. I went with a list, but it had pretty much none of the books I wanted. I was very annoyed that they didn’t have Apologies to an Apple which I had been really wanting to read. I did find a few that looked good/were by authors I liked/ I had forgotten to list. I ended up with:

The Truth About Forever, Sarah Dessen

Keturah and Lord Dead, Martine Leavitt (which I find a very funny last name)

Life As We Knew It, Susan Beth Pfeffer

The Queen of Attolia, Megan Whalen Turner

The King of Attolia, Megan Whalen Turner

Outlaw Princess of Sherwood, Nancy Springer

Dragons in The Waters, Madeleine Le’Engle

Zel, Donno Jo Napoli

Princess Ben, Catherine Gilbert Murdock

I’ve only read The Truth About Forever so far, but it was really good. I loved it although some aspects of it annoyed me like crazy. But I am very glad I finally decided to read it. It was just the sort of book I was in the mood to read.

However, I’m still looking for good music. But my Zen died… so I have no mp3 player at the moment. Again. But when it does, I hope to have lots of good music ideas to put on it!


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New music/book recommendations

I have reached a dilemma. Much as I enjoy reading and music, I really need something new. I’ve been so bored with my current selection of books and music that I’ve sort of stopped reading and listening.

And about reading… right now unless it is fantastically amazing, I don’t really feel like fairy tale retellings or fantasy for some reason. I still love it, but right now I’m gravitating towards other things (however, I am still decidedly wary of sci-fi). Of course, I’d like nothing more than Forest Born but sadly that is out of reach for a while. ;) I’d love a really thought-provoking book, and sometimes find myself craving something sad but I’m not sure what a good choice would be. If anyone has any ideas, I would love suggestions!

And as for music, anything is good as long as it’s clean. I’m just out of things to listen to and listen to a huge range, so I’m not feeling picky.

Actually, I’m out of ideas for everything except maybe songwriting. I’m not feeling inspired and am not finding many sources of inspiration. I’m going insane with boredom, and need something to tide my over until a new wave of imagination hits. Your help would be very much appreciated!


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So…. I’m out of blogging ideas. I actually have nothing to write about. So.

First of all, if you have any ideas, TELL ME please. If there’s something you think I could do a somewhat interesting blog post on, tell me.

Also…. check out this AMAZING video Anilee posted on LRRH. It’s beyond cool.


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perfect afternoon=loving life

The things making up my perfect afternoon:

* ABBA turned up as loud as my speakers can go

* Windows wide open with cool wind pouring into my room

* A now perfectly-clean room but still cluttered enough to look nice

* Inside jokes making me laugh so hard that my room sounds happy, even though no one is inside but me

* Having been mad and irritable but keeping my mouth shut and letting it go… and NOT GETTING IN TROUBLE as a result. I gotta try taht more often.

* An entirely cloudy sky outside my wondow. I LOVE clouds.

* Having really awesome friends

* Hearing the kids in my neighborhood all in my next door neighbor’s backyard, laughing loudly

* Being happy for lots of reasons, none of which am I entirely sure of or know will last. But for now, I’m happy and bubbling over, and I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts.

* and a bonus: Being alive. Isn’t it so totally awesome to be alive? Seriously. Thank you God for letting me be alive. Cause… this rocks.


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I realized with a start yesterday that tomorrow is Easter. I’ve been so sleep deprived the last week or so that I can’t even remember what day it is, much less keep up with holidays and such. And I realized I’m not excited for the holiday itself like I usually am.

I’m NOT going to let myself be forced into some pink cutesy dress this year. I’m not wearing ANY dress, for that matter. And I’m not excited about dyeing eggs. That was just disgusting, to tell the truth. I hate poking the holes in the eggs and blowing out the goo. It smells horrible, looks gross, feels grossest, and don’t EVER suck instead of blow on accident. That was probably the worst taste/texture in the entire world. And I’ve tasted plenty. I don’t even want the stinking candy right now! I mean, what is wrong with me? As for croquet… I sort of forgot to add my embellishment to the World’s Ugliest Trophy and unless I win tomorrow I have to give it back which stinks. I was going to add peacock feathers.

I guess the only time I’ll be really excited for Easter is at church tomorrow. I’m not really into all the other things that come along with the holiday. However, at church actually focusing on the reason for the holiday, I get totally excited. I love Easter then. I don’t like being distracted from the real reason to celebrate, and to me that’s all the other things are. Distractions. I want to focus solely on Jesus and what he did on that cross for me. That’s what makes me happy, that’s what makes me excited and that’s what I love. So I can deal with this other stuff. Because it’s just other people’s way of celebrating, and there’s nothing wrong with it. I just have a different style of celebration.


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