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A year come and gone

Since it’s the last day of 2007, I thought I’d do a little musing on this year.
Of course, in January nothing exciting happened. (have you ever noticed that exciting things don’t tend to happen in January? I dont’ get it, but nothing ever has for me, at least.) And in February, all that happened was we celebrated the day Hope had been with us for a year, oh, and little thing where my uncle got married to the nicest lady I could have possible imagined. That was fantastic. ;) March was really good. My cousins AND friends from KY and CA came in, and best of all, I went to a patty griffin concert, which was probably one of the best nights I’ve ever had. After that, Mercy and I went with my cousin Jonathan and Gramma and Grampa to Legoland and Wild Animal Park. (both a lot of good old fun.) April was mostly just sad, because my Gram died.
May we went camping, and I discovered…. I’m pretty good at almsot starting fires. :D
June I got to go to Texas. I love Texas. Texas rocks. (Lizzie, sorry I couldn’t meet with you for lunch! Stupid Oregon!) My mom’s best friend got married, and I became re-friends with her daughter. Best of all THAT month… I met Shannon. The tears and blushing and laughing and jumping up and down and passing out was a sure sign… shannon, even though you’ll never read this, you are SO COOL.
July, nothing happened.
For nine days in September and October I was at Disney World. (Other then April, most miserable time this year. Except for the Air boat ride aned Kennedy Space Center, which WERE AWESOME.)
Finally, in December, came Christmas. A very nice Christmas. I got cool stuff. Like Bread Maker and Pasta maker. It was a nice Christmas. And now, at midnight this year will pack up its bags and leave, and year 2008 will move in, and no one will have noticed, but every Calender will be changed to 2008, and all the photos taken will be marked ’08 and there won’t be much of a reason to write 2007 anymore except for memories.
Am I the only one who finds that kinda sad? Cause this year’s been pretty good.



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Such a Weird Holiday

Oh dear. It’s SUCH a weird Christmas. For example:

My dad got a fire-pot thingy to sit around, and mom was practicing lighting it to sit around on christmas eve. Her hair’s dyed red. So it’s flammable. And the fire melted her bangs. yeah. IT MELTED THEM.

Then, this morning, my friend got really sick, so we can’t play today. We did, however, have a perfect first day of vacation. I stayed up until midnight last night, reading, and woke up at ten thirty today, watched TV, took a long hot bath, and I’m going to make Christmas cookies with my other friend. *sighs with pleased-ness*

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Oh yeah!

HA! Quick post, just to say-


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. *laughing like a maniac*

Oh, and today I had a laughing fit and coudlnt’ stop. I was freaking out.

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Christmas is coming to Arizona- finally

So since I haven’t posted in… a long time, I shall do so now, because I’m feeling happy.

WE got a live tree this year. It’s eight feet tall, smells really nice, and looks even prettier. We made all of our ornaments by hand this year. We have tiny bags of potpourri, scented pine cones, berries and silver leaves, we’re sewing the tree skirt right now, and we have tiny silver icicles. (fake, though. Only things we didn’t make.) We’ve wrapped some presents, and I’m feeling generally happy. Except for the fact that we have math now. Not awful, but not great. Fare thee well.

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Swing Dancing

I have a very important announcement, a life-changing one, for me.

I have learned to dance.

How is this life-changing, you may ask? I can now join the circus as a clown! My dreams are fulfilled!
OK, I’m not THAT bad. On saturday night I went to the Homeschool Family Winter Formal. My friends, Grace, Carly, Kate, and Sarah were there. (Girl I don’t like was there, too.) I did swing dancing with Sarah. it rocked. Sarah and I huddled together and watched Carly, Grace, and Emily dance with the older guys. It was cool.


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