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Oh dear. There goes November.

I know I’m going to hate myself for this by mid November, but I signed up for NaNoWriMo. Well… I signed up for the adult NaNoWriMo site, but then I thought.. hmm. I never got to 50,00, and the goal was enough to make me not WANT to write because it seemed completely unachievable… and I never got to it. So I followed Christina’s lead, and went and joined the kid’s site. Set my goal for 35,000 instead of 50. I know that’s REALLY short.. but if I get it written and it motivates me to write more afterwards too, then I figure it’s more profitable then if I was struggling along and hating it.


Should be interesting.


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God’s spiderwebs

I’ve always sort of pictured God as a spider

(In a highly reverent way, of course)

spinning the threads of our lives together

in a predetermined pattern, into a huge web-

all if it tying together, each strand conencted to the others.

It’s an intricate dance, a beautiful, dizzying design

as He weaves and snips and spins.

It’s a sometimes slow, sometimes lightning fast process

that no one truly understands the meaning behind,

but the real question is not how, it is this.

When the web is finished, what will we see in it?

Will we appreciate the effort and time it took to create

and marvel at it, and wonder “How?”

Or will we ignore it every day, not noticing or caring when it’ s gone?

Or will we stand in awe of its Maker, and treasure it

until wind and time blow it away?

Will we wonder where each strand blew to,

and if the threads could ever be put together again?

One thing is certain- we could never mend a broken web

with our clumsy fingers, and thoughtless mistakes abounding.

But I always think of the pieces of this crazy masterpiece

blowing out of sight into heaven where God reconstructs it

into a perfect, flawless work, that we could never hope to catch a glimpse of or be a part of-

(or could we?)

or even wrap our minds around.

But the one big difference in God and spiderwebs I have observed

is that no one can smash, poison, or in any way restrain God,

or rip apart the web He spins from of our insignificant, tiny lives.



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The Hitch-hiker’s Guide To The Galaxy

I’m currently on chapter 6? of the second book of the Hitch-hiker’s Quartet by Douglad Adams. And I am convinced it is one of the funniest books ever. After we read Lord of The Rings for my eighth time this autumn, we’re going to read the quartet aloud. Full review coming after I finish the whole thing. But so far it’s improving a confusing week quite a bit.

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Permit me a rant about people.

People are so confusing.

Right now, after a really insane last few months, all I have to say is… well, I have a lot to say. Most of it involving “Why did she do that?” and “Why did he say that?” and “What’s up with me?” and “Wow, they’re really confusing.”

When people start making sense… never mind, that’s not going to happen. Forget it.

*begin rant*

But really, people! Why must we be so illogical? I’d blame it on human nature, but a lot of things about people that are bothering me right now completely defy human nature. It’s not natural at all. Even the lies I keep on hearing don’t match up with… humanity.

Why can’t your yes be yes and your no be no? I’m sick of trying to guess what you mean, and why you say something. It’s hard enough to understand what you DO mean when you DO mean it. So when you start saying things you don’t mean and not saying the things that you do mean and that are really important… how am I supposed to figure this out?

Life would be so much easier if people just told the truth no matter what. Or would it be harder? I get mad at people not being completely honest… but then I look at myself and realize I’m doing the same thing, and maybe the little white lies are okay because I’m just trying to be nice to people.

But I get upset when other people do things just to be nice to me… it makes me angry and wonder what they’re hiding behind the niceness. Yes, they’re trying to be tactful. Well, to heck with tact.

So I’m making a goal to try and be as honest as I possibly can be while still being loving to other people.

And I would really appreciate it if you would make that a goal, too, people. It would make my life a lot simpler, and maybe I would be getting more sleep at night. And maybe as a result, I wouldn’t be too tired to figure out what you mean better. And maybe I’d be less stressed out. And maybe I’d get more sleep at night. And on and on it goes.

Thank you.

*rant over*


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That’s My King!

One of the women at my church posted the lyrics to the song Smile by Chris Rice on facebook the other day. Now, for those of you who’ve heard it, he sang the song Untitled Hymn (Come to Jesus) which in my opinion is one of the most amazing Christian songs ever written. It’s been a pretty special song in my life.

I’d never bothered to listen to anything else by him, but I went and listened to Smile anyway. I’m very glad I did- it’s a really, really beautiful song. There are so many days when all I want is just to go home, so I really identify with this one.

And (yes, I know, I’m going video posting crazy here) at church yesterday towards the end they played this video…

Now THAT is my kind of preaching. One of our pastors was joking we were going to listen to it every Sunday, and I would be MORE than happy if we did.

But I wish I could describe Him to you. ;)


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I love this video. Yes, it’s kind of cheesy. But I think besides Tim McGraw it’s my favorite Taylor Swift music video so far.


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I hereby take back every mean thing I’ve ever said about Rinna Agget.

I love that girl.


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