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in which i Hang

this street hangs in tension with the hot air balloon
which is haunting my skies, frozen
which also hangs in tension with the rotundity of earth,

universe welling up in a fishbowl slowly;
a fishbowl in which i Hang
in tension with the water, unmoving
despite the goldfish around me
whose light hangs in tension with mine


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2012 tour de nerdfighting <3

i just realized i hadn’t blogged yet about the incredibleness that was meeting john and hank green. it would take quite a while to go through everything that was amazing, but the highlights:

~the guy who sat in front of us; puff levels could compete with john on any given day. he was fangirling out the whole time and it was hilarious.

~ knowing that every person in that room except maybe a few parents was a nerdfighter. there were pizza john shirts and dr. who shirts and maps of nerdfighteria shirts and people with stuff on their heads and people carrying around free hug signs and i wanted to hug EVERY PERSON THERE.

~ hank sang a song about anglerfish and strange charm, which was great, but then he sang shake-a-booty and for the first time in my life, i was happy enough that i got up and danced. anyone who knows me well should be picking their jaw up off the ground right now.

~ the best friends showed up as well, and after having not seen them for a very, very long time, i cannot think of a better place for a reunion :)

~ turning around and seeing katherine less than two feet away. she gave me a weird look as i had to pull my hand back to keep from poking her to make sure she was really real.

~ meeting a facebook friend for the first time, who i had not previously known to be a nerdfighter and was surprised to see.

~ meeting john and hank was cool, too, of course. but it only lasted about seven seconds since we’d been waiting for hours already and they still had about a hundred people to go. but now i KNOW FOR MYSELF THAT THEY ARE REAL.

~ singing along with 500 miles with my best friends at the top of our freaking lungs. the smile was plastered onto my face for about ten minutes afterwards. john’s awkward little dance onstage as he sang was the best.

~also, they did their happy dances. my life was complete. the last few minutes of  this video pretty much sum it up. as  elv so perfectly put it, it wasn’t a book event, it was a book concert.

**important edit** i also completely forgot to mention what was the best part of the night by far, which was hank’s song about TFiOS which made me legitimately cry.


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