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Babies, books, and bathing suits

Our neighbor had her first baby girl on Wednesday! She has three boys (Cade, Cash, and Chris- she is Christy and her husband is also Chris- how cute is that?) and now a little girl, Colby. I can’t wait to see her.
I started writing again today, a sort of sequel to my current novel. My cousin and I are officially working together when we grow up. I’m going to be the author of the books, and she’s going to be the editor and take the about-the-author photos and cover shoots. I’m also working on a much shorter book about (what else) dragons. It’s turning out pretty good.
And we’re going swimming tonight! Fenally!



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When I was… dumb… or under the age of seven…

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4. Write 5 crazy things you did as a little kid
5. Tag 5 people

1. When I was maybe seven I threw a hardhat at Mercy. Hard. Let’s just say it really hurt to sit down the rest of the day.

2. I filled a little plastic drawer with water and informed my dad that my swimsuit had a “Bottom thing in it.” Then I sat down and soaked my bottom and did finger-painting on the dog.

3. My friend and I ran around with shaving cream and no clothes on in the front yard with a little boy.

4. I drew blue polka dots on my face and told my dad I was really sick, because I thought my sunday school room smelled like someone was nonstop passing gas in there and believed that blue polka dots would make me get a different sunday school room. Alas, instead I went to sunday school with blue polka dots on my face.

5. I told Mercy not to drink tap water because I daily stuffed the pipes with mashed up cockroaches. And she believed me.

I tag mimagirl, Enna Isilee, elizabethbennett, and… other people!

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six random things

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  1. Reading beautiful passages in amazing books makes me shaky
  2. I’m going to be like Taiger and say I have THREE stuffed animals I cuddle with
  3. Every rainy day I read Inkspell with the quilt my mom sewed me
  4. I love writing but am terrible at sticking to goals because I’m only good at writing when something hits me like lightning
  5. According to my baby book, I’m supposed to be resourceful, self-sufficient, responsible, constant, truthful, pure, and gentle.
  6. History is my favorite subject we do every day in school

Six people I tag are… OK no way can I tag six people. Elizabethbennett, you’re up!


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OK, I officially love the song Iris.


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OK, turns out ennagirl’s already done this… OK, I tag… anyone who wants to do it! (just let me know if you do!)

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My life in six words

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Music and fantasy keep me going.

Wow. I am seriously pathetic at things like this.

I’ll tag… *thinking* ennagirl.

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If you loved dragonhaven, skip this NOW.

I recently went to Robin McKinley’s website. And I ahve very mixed feelings about her books.

I liked Beauty a lot. It was excellent. Spindle’s End was ten time better. It was so good. I read Dragonhaven.
The cussing bothered me so badly that after a couple of chapters I realized it was just not going to get better and I dumped it. I thought there was very little plot to it and it dragged on, and it seemed like NOT a good clean read. I got the Hero and The Crown and only got a few pages into it. For two reasons: One, it didn’t grip me at all. Two: I love dragons, okay? I think after writing, reading, and music, they’re my favorite things in the world. So a book with a picture of a dragon being killed on the front and a character who wants to go kill dragons? I’m not going to like that kind of book a lot.
I went to her website. Some of her comments were funny, but she didn’t seem too real. She wasn’t sweet like shannon, she was funny but seemed a bit impatient with fans, and it’s always “robin says” instead of “I think.” she writes some amazing books, some good books, some OK books, some NOT good books. Honestly now I’m not going to read anything by her unless it’s recommended as highly as Beauty or Spindle’s End. those two ROCKED. They were AMAZING. The others I read… meh.
I hate being negative. But after dragonhaven I just have a lowered opinion of her style writing.


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