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I’m thankful for…

Well I had an awesome thanksgiving, hope you all did too! My mom made the world’s best turkey, she soaked it in applesauce, oranges, cloves, ginger, and kosher salt for three days then smoked it over the grill… mmm. I missed Thankgiving at my aunt and uncle’s today though because I’m sick with a fever and sore throat. I should go to bed, it is almost midnight, but I wanted to make a list of things I’m thankful for.

1. My family. You guys are great even if you’re a little crazy sometimes!!! I love you and am very thankful that most of you live within a half hour of my house. Even those of you I don’t see often enough (Hi heybaileykay!), you are the sweetest people and I love being able to talk to you on the phone and through e-mail!

2. My friends, I am so thankful to have you. You put up with me and my weirdness and are the coolest ever.

3. My house, because I know I’m very fortunate to have a roof over my head when so many other people have nothing.

4. The whole blogging community/LRRHers. Even though I’ve only met about a quarter of you guys, you are some of my best friends and I love reading your blogs.

5. The internet. What would be do without you, internet?

6. Libraries and all those nice people at Barnes and Noble!

7. My church and all the people in it

8. And of course, last but most certainly not least, the reason I have everything I’m thankful for- God.

Oh well, now it is midnight and I’m going to go to sleep. I am also thankful for my very soft blankets.


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“Not who you are, but watchoo is”

Well family get-togethers are always interesting, but I had an especially interesting night this evening for my grandndpa’s family’d pre-thanksgiving dinner. My aunt was talking about how her son Jonathan (who’s eight) getting to do the kid-voting thing at his school. He said he wanted McCain to win, but that his “girlfriend” Makenzie didn’t want one of them to win because he was left-handed (I don’t keep track of these things). When Obama won the election Jonathan wanted to know by how much he won so my aunt turned on the news. They were interviewing every African-American leader you could think of, so my aunt took advantage of the woment and said, “Jonathan, do you know why this is such a big thing that Barack Obama won?” He said no, so she explained that he would be the first African-American president. He responded that yeah, and he’d also be the first black president, lol. She tried to explain to him how not that long ago black people and white people had seperate restaraunts and drinking fountains and buses and tried to get the whole segregation idea through to him. She also explained that before that we even made them our slaves and how far America has come now that we can have a African-American president leading us that the majority of Americans elected. He knew his mom did not agree with Obama’s politics but was glad to see how far America has come, but his response had our whole family rolling on the floor laughing. “That’s right, mom. It’s not who you are, it’s whatchoo is!”

So there you have an eight-year old’s persective on the subject.


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*Happy dance*

I’m not going to win NaNoWriMo this month, but I will have a first draft by New Year’s. I just wrote a scene I’m kind of proud of (find it on my writing page), not to sound like I’m bragging but I’d been planning it for weeks and soon I will (Hopefully!) be able to write out the scene where *dun dun dun* The Plot comes together! Right now I’m falling in love with one of my characters and am rather upset I think I’ll be putting him with someone other than me ;) Ah, the pain of being a writer.

(Like the new theme? I used a picture I’d made on my program corefx. It’ll probably change soon for Christmas but for now it’s cool :D)

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Quilts of Valor

My mom’s been teaching a quilting class through the summer, and we’ve been planning to send it to a wounded soldier, or someone who has been wounded, physically or phycologically. We found out today it’ll go to a hospital in Germany, and then the person who gets it will probably be going to Iraq. Schwow. We’re going through the Quilts of Valor foundation. (Google it, I don’t have a direct link.)


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Poster contest humour

For Art Class yesterday we started a new project. Geico’s car insurance company does a poster contest each year. Our (Most amazing) teacher, Larry, said that it’s the same theme every year- safety belts, buckle up. I don’t get why we can’t call them seat belts, but whatev. Well I had a ton of fantastic ideas until our teacher told us the guidelines. A) no gore B) no car crash scenes or almost-care crash scenes C) Can’t use the gecko from the hilarious commercials D) no using the phrase “Geico auto insurance” E) Try not to use too many negative words such as “don’t” and F) no dead people!

Well we came up with some hilarious stuff anyways. One girl did a chicken driving that said “Don’t loose all your feathers,  buckle up.” Mercy did a bunch of fish driving cars that said “Be current, wear your safety belt” one kid did a menagerie of animals driving that said “Buckle up, it’s a wild ride. The one that made me laugh the most was the six year old’s- a picture of a three people in a care with giagantic heads that said “Even bigheads need to be safe.” The one I ended up using (Or will, we only sketched it out yesterday) was a deer driving that said “Be a deer, buckle up.” (animals were a big theme)

But I had way better ideas.

1. A deer in a pickup truck that said “Don’t be a deer in headlights, wear a safety belt”

2. A family of turtles driving a car that said “We don’t all have armor”

3. A man driving tied to a car seat with rope and a hardhat on, with elbow pads and the like, that said “There’s a better solution”

4. My total favororite (Which I made for myself at least) was a squashed deer in the middle of the road with a heart, brain, liver, and a bunch of blood all over that said “Don’t be roadkill, buckle up.” This one I actually did draw and am going to put on my garage door because it turned out fantastical and awexome.


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Made me giggle…

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I don’t react well to steroids, apparently

I had to go get a steroid injection at the doctor today. I made the mistake of not eating breakfast first so I did not feel good afterwards. I was just sitting there when the doctor looked over and goes “Are you ok?” And I almost threw up. I had to lie down. Ick. They had to get me a Sprite and I broke out in a cold sweat. Not to mention that the shot hurts a lot, not the shot but the steroid itself burns. Lol, never having had a shot before except for dental work (I’m not vaccinated- and gasp, still alive!) I was expecting some huge needle and Mercy was freaking out big time and I didn’t even feel it.

The little old lady nurse there makes me laugh. She has a very soothing Hispanic accent and she got ready to give me the shot and smiles at me reassuringly and said “You don’t want to watch this. Just watch the TV.” I love her and will at least miss her when I switch doctors. Oh well.

BTW, it totally helps with nerves and when it hurts to read a funny book. I read the Trolls.


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