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I love TLC. It’s my favorite channel. There’s usually something on that I like. So here’s my TLC happy rant. Been meaning to write this for weeks.

Jon and Kate plus 8

This is my favorite show in the whole entire world because it’s real. Very real. They aren’t hiding anything. Like Jon said “Wouldn’t it be weird if we were all smiley and “Oh, honey, I’m so glad we’re always happy!’ all the time?” True words indeed. Kate’s very commanding, he’s more easygoing, they argue sometimes, but they end up figuring it out. And quite honestly, most people nowadays don’t. I love how she’s all organic, but spends only about 150 dollars a week on groceries. Schwow. WE spend more then that and there are only five of us and we don’t eat organic generally. And I love their kids. I can tell them all apart now!!!!!! I watch it every monday night without fail.

What Not to Wear

Used to love it. Now Stacie annoys me. A lot. She wears great clothes and is funny but just annoys me. Clinton is nicer and more polite and considerate. Nick Arrojo I dislike because he ALWAYS DOES THE SAME DANG THING. Cuts it short, dies it a darker color with slightly lighter highlights, and layers it. Why can’t he do something ORIGINAL and try to make it look good long?! Carmendy is so good though. The light cream eyeshadow under the eyebrow and in teh corners of yoru eye really does word to brighten you up. And I now know how to apply eyeliner though I hate it. I always think I’m going to write on my eye or something.

Say Yes to the Dress

Ah, wedding dress bliss. Hundreds of beautiful lacy silky gorgeous gowns and emotional women working with sometimes pathetic consultants. Can we spell drama? Claudia. Drives. Me. Nuts. I hate that women. Concieted, self-serving, defensive, and mad at her job. All-time most hateable quotes ever:

“I’m just doing my job. It may be your fantasy but it’s sure not mine.”

“In ten years I can see myself as being in a fantastic position at Clinefeld. I think I’m a wonderful salesperson.”

“Look, I’m doing my best. I can’t do anything better then that. It’s just a job, I’m not gonna sweat it at the end of the day.”
I was so glad when they fired her.

A Baby Story/Bringing home baby

Bringing Home Baby is hilarious. New young-ish mother freaking out when the baby cries when it needs its diaper changed. Worry worry worry. Babies cry. It’s very interesting to see them cope with having to care for a baby and find out what it’s really like. I also really like A Baby Story. Babies are adorable. Nice to know they keep on coming. It also kind of dissapoints me because I wasn’t able to be at the hospital when Mercy was emergency-delivered or when Hope was born. My other friends were able to see their siblings for the very first seconds of the baby’s life. I didn’t see Mercy till she was a few days old, and didn’t see hope until she was seven months.

So there’s my TLC rant. Good night.



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the sleepover went really well. It was fun, and there were only six other girls there so it was pretty calm, and only three girls actually stayed the whole night, my closest knit friends. We made a toilet paper wedding gown :D
My grandmother just called saying she bought a 2 pound orange female kitten and that as soon as we picked out a name, we could come over and see it. WE found 35 names.
!=Mom’s idea
#=Mercy’s idea
*=my idea
:) = hope’s idea
Princess Peach*
Riley :)
Tinkle ;)!


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I think I need a nice long blog post that’s almost interesting for once. I’ll be posting some new writing next week, and guess what? It’ll be EDITED! So maybe even kind of good! Also, it’ll be open to critique because I want some writing I really like and is good and grammatically correct. :D

We have one interesting topic today: SLEEPOVERS. I am not being totally random this time. We’re having a large sleepover tomorrow night.
About two weeks ago, none of my friends could spend the night. So my mom asked if I would like to have a big sleepover with all my friends this week, totally happy about the idea.
Well. Two days ago when we officially got ready, things went wrong. Mercy declared she hates sleepovers and won’t come. Yeah, exactly how am I supposed to explain this? So we had to call my grandmother and have Mercy spend the night. We told our friends she had prearranged plans. We invited twelve people, and started planning stuff, and my mom got irritated and mad and said that she never wanted to do a big sleepover and I was creating a ton of work for her and what are we going to do if people get in arguments and how are we going to plan all this and Mercy is going to be hard to explain etc. I reminded her that this was her idea and I wouldn’t suggest something like that because I’d think she would say no. Of course she got mad(der) and insisted she had never suggested anything of the like.
Sigh. I picked up the phone and called everyone. I’m kind of worried about it, though. My neighbor Cierra isn’t homeschooled and is seven. She keeps on complaining about everyone being homeschooled. She went and had a playdate with me and my homeschooled friends and was, frankly, an seriously unpopular jerk. She whined, said no one was her age or went to school with her, blah blah blah. I was really mad with her, she’s not going to make friends by whining at them and informing them she didn’t want to play with them. She’s going to be causing a lot of arguments and I’m going to be holding my breath.
If anyone has suggestions on what to do when your guests assassinate one guest for being rude, TELL THEM TO ME! I’m going to be sleeping with a dagger under my sleeping bag.
Now we’re in clean-up mania for tomorrow. We have to go to the grocery store to get stuff for hamburgers, pancakes, and fruit soup. (Really yummy- apple, orange, and cranberry juice for broth with grapes, watermelon, cantalope, and berries in it.) I’ll sleep hard tonight.
By way of other news, I fell over while putting my pants on this morning and laughed myself silly watching Mr Collins’ proposal.

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I felt like making a list. So here is a list of books I intend to re-read this summer. (Today is the first day, BTW.)

Dragon Rider, Cornelia Funke
The Story of the Trapp Family Singers, Maria Augusta Trapp
Seventh Son, Orson Scott Card
Enders Game, Orson Scott Card
RS, duh
EB, obviously shannon
Beowulf, who knows
Tide Knot, Helen Dunmore
Time Cat, Lloyd Alexander
Al Capone does my Shirts, Gennifer Choldenko
The Friendly Persuasion, Jessamyn West
Gone-Away Lake, Elizabeth Enright
Thimble Summer, Elizabeth Enright
When the Circus came to town, Polly Horvath
A Curse Dark as Gold, Elizabeth Bunce

And a bunch of summer songs I love:

Breakaway, Kelly Clarkson
A Place in This World, Taylor Swift
Wide Open Spaces, Dixie Chicks
Fighting For it All, Mindy Smith
Ordinary Miracle, Sarah McLachlan
Ordinary Day, Vanessa Carlton
Feelings Show, Colbie Caillat
The Boys of Summer, The Ataris
The Outside, Taylor Swift

Yeah, nto all specifically summer but they just feel summery to me.

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I’ve slowed down on all websites, and now I’m feeling kind of horrible. Guys, I’m not leaving. And you’re my best friends. I’ll still be on every day. I just can’t spot that much now and need to learn how to relax. I’m still a MOLDy random Littleredreadinghood-lover. And hopefully in a month or two I’ll be back full-force. I just need, per se, a summer vacation so I can have the perfect, nerdy fall and winter.


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Well, I’m packing to leave. I have to say I’m sure I’ll forget something important. I’m sort of stressed. Today I went swimming at my friend’s house and strained my back jumping off her waterfall into her 18 foot deep pool and then came home to do chores. Owch. Vacuuming was painful. So I’m sore and only taking a half hour break before I get back to packing and cleaning.
Using my new copy of The Daring Book for Girls, (not all of which is at all daring) I folded all my t-shirts Japanese style. It works! They’re flat and unwrinkled and folded neatly. I have all my clothes packed, my chocolate covered raisins for on the plane (I got those ahead of time, I LOVE them) my new books, all my stuff…. but I probably forgot something important like pants or toothpaste. I should go check real quick.
Nope. I packed it. Probably means I forgot something else.
But I’m happy. First of all that my mom’s ACTUALLY TAKING ME on a trip without my littlest sister. I love her but we both need a break from each other. Second of all that we leave tomorrow. And thirdly that I can go meet all the LRRHers and SHANNON! Again. Awexome.
I’d better go transfer those songs to my MP3 player. I’ll be listening to a lot of music on the flight, as well as reading Dragon Flight and the Westmark Trilogy and Midnight Pearls.

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Babies and Datas

I know, I’m posting two days in a row. If I didn’t think it would bee too weird I’d post EVERY day. Today I will start with the light topics and go to the darker ones from there.

Lightest topic, VBS officially started today. Mickyg’s mom told me, mikayla, and two of the boys from the youth group to come to the nursery. That was fun. Baby A was so sweetly adorable it made you want to smile just to look at him. He’s five or six months old, but has these kissably cute dark eyebrows that he always raises and looks really surprised with. One of the boys, T, and I were in an argument about who baby A like best. I think he liked ME best. He only spat up on me once, and let me feed him. (Kindly ignore the fact that he bit me too. He’s a teething little one!) He would roll over if I tapped his back. But T says that baby A likes him best, because he laughs when T throws A up in the air, but I dont’ think so because A had to get pulled into a rolling position when T wanted him to roll. T took it upon himself to teach baby A self-defense. baby a failed.
E, though, the other boy. It was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. He didn’t exactly want to hold the kids, so when T put baby A on his lap he just stared at him. And then…. baby A started trying to nurse on E. And then he got this look…. the look that means he’s going to need a diaper change. T and I were cracking up until I think mikayla took pity on him and went and found out… he didn’t need a diaper change. hee. The look on E’s face was priceless though.
On a darker subject, my dad is talking about making Commander Datas to take over to world. Really great. This whole Artificial Intelligence thing is really stupid and dangerous to me.

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