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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween all! I’m sorry but I really don’t have time to post much this week and NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow which is way more scary! YIKES! I’m actually scared. Not nervous but really honestly SCARED. I shouldn’t be, this year I have plot and am setting aside daily time and have been working on it for a long time already, but I’m freaking out because I’m actually trying to finish this year.

BTW, since this is where I’ll probably be posting more, if you could change me on your blogroll to this address it would be great.



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So much for keeping up two blogs

Well…. right now I’m really, really liking the wordpress blog. I’ll keep this one up, but I think at the start of hte New Year I’m going to delete this one and just move permanently over there.
But do you guys know of any other sites for wordpress templates?


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Just PM or Email me for the password below, please don’t take offence if I don’t give it to you as it has some information about where I live and a few names.


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Protected: OWWWW

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New blog

Well, from now on go to for book reviews, writing, and probably a lot of junk that’s totally irrelevant :D Rest of my stuff will probably be here.

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Book meme

Tagged by bookbutterfly 1. List the 10 books/collected works/series that you would bring on a desert island.
2. (Optional) Say why you would bring them.
3. Link to the person who linked to you.
4. Tag 6 people to also do the meme.
5. Leave a comment to let those people know.

1. Cybele’s Secret, cause it is BEAUTIFUL

2. Inkheart because it’s so fantastical

3. The Wrinkle in Time books, for interestingness and my favorite characters of all time, as well as amazing plot

4. LoTR books for being the most outstanding classics of all time

5. the Prizewinner of Defiance, Ohio, because it’s a true story but lovable and mostly lighthearted and I’d want that if I was alone on an island

6. Northanger Abbey and Pride and Prejudice because I love British humour

7. The Wanderer by Sharon Creech cause it’s about the sea, and I’m totally surrounded by it huh?

8. The Ralph Moody books, because they’re real and amazing

9. All of Shannon’s books!

10. The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook. I think this explains itself.

Um. I tag…. bailey, gretchen, and… anyone else who wants to do this.

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A post on Nothing

Hullo! Finally trying out wordpress for the time being. Not much to say for now but hopefully soon this will look a lot better!


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