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A long week

How do I describe this week? Interesting? Yes, that’s a good word for it.
Monday. We had Girls Group, which I normally enjoy. But lately one girl from there has really been annoying me. (I’m not giving her this blog address and if Taylor gives it to her I’ll murder her) The whole way there with my friend I was praying she wouldn’t be there. She wasn’t, so that was good. It was fairly fun, but most interesting, Hope made a friend. She wandered around with him the whole time, making sand castles. It was so darn cute! I just played volleyball and tag.
But bad. Monday NIGHT the girl whose been pestering me and getting on my nerves called asking if my family could to take her with us to the Winter Formal on saturday night. My mom doesn’t particularly enjoy her company, so we called back saying we couldn’t take her. But… she’ll still be there. I’m keeping my fingers crossed she doesn’t notice me.
But Tuesday? Tuesday rocked. Early morning it was COLD, like fifty five degrees, and we went to homeschool PE. AWESOMENESS. We played flag football, and I ACTUALLY made a touchdown. Yeah, me. and pulled one whole persons flag off. It didn’t matter since he was out of bounds anyway, but… ;) Then we went to Taylor’s house and played with her twin baby brother and sister and cut up socks. Today’s been thoroughly miserable with Hope acting up, mom yelling, me cleaning, doing school late, and the only good thing is we’re going out to dinner and I got in a great piano practice. Or I’m sure it would have been great if I could have heard it through all the noise.


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So this is what real happiness is

Yesterday was chaos. Orthodontist appointments, (bad ones) and cleaning. We cleaned the house top to bottom. Scrubbed floors, vacuumed, dusted, cleaned, did dishes, cooked. Today work started again at eight, with the help of Aunt Tracie. Mercy and I Ironed two twelve foot by four foot tablecloths and 26 napkins. We cooked two kinds of stuffing, smoked a turkey, made green beans, a chocolate cake with whipped cream and peppermint (heavenly!) and everyone else brought tons of stuff. Then the people arrived- seventeen other them my mom dad mercy hope and I- and we fed them, heated stuff up again and again, made more, made dessert, served it, cleaned, sent up leftovers. We took pictures, and I’m still sore from skating. I had to lie on my stomach on the concrete outside with a hundred pounds of toddlers on my back, smiling into the sun. Now I’m under the pretense of a bathroom break, slumped in my chair. Later we’ll go have dessert AGAIN at my grandma’s house, and tomorrow we have yet another thanksgiving with my aunt Tracie (I have to say this: I am so glad my uncle married her) uncle Travis, Nash, and my Grampa Roli. I’m exhausted. Tonight mom and I are going to make Christmas Tree decorations together, all handmade. I’m tired, my clothes are stained, I’m sore all over, and have never been quite so happy. This is the perfect thanksgiving.

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So today was interesting. I went to P.E as usual on Tuesday mornings, and half my friends weren’t there, and there were several new kids. Well my friends Hannah and Grace were on roller skates. Hannah was on her skates going really fast toward me. Taylor was in front of me, and fast jumped out of the way, and I… didn’t. Hannah ran full force into me and knocked me flat on my back. AFter a minute everyone was going, “Oh my gosh! Are you okay Faith?” I sat there kind of staring at the sky and said, “I really dont’ know.” I just lay there on the middle of the sidewalk for a few minutes until Grace started running for my mom, and Taylor helped me sit up. My leg really hurt because after I had fallen over her skates woudlnt’ stop and she rode over my leg. I eventually managed to sit all the way up instead of propped up on Taylor when my mom came over. It HURT. Now it feels better but is still sore. Ow.


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Double Digit Mercy

Being me, I probably spelled “Digit” wrong. But oh well. Today was mercy’s birthday party, and she’s (almost) ten. The party was really small- only seven other kids came. At first only six. But we played bumper pool and did a pinata and had cake and opened presents. She got really nice skates. Lucky. Not that I want them, I always fall and embarrass myself by getting mad and throwing the skates. Wonder why dad won’t get me nice ones…

Here’s question I’ve always wondered. If you have the answer, let me know!

Do fish drink water? My dad says he thinks they don’t drink water because they don’t need it, being surrounded by it all the time. But that’s like saying humans don’t need to breath air since it’s all around them. Air is a liquid too!


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My first random post about nothing

I finally decided to get a blog. The wiki I had just didn’t work out. I didn’t like it at all. So, here we are.
Since I guess I ought to say SOMETHING, Mercy’s birthday party is tomorrow. Should be cool. Her friends flew in from Kentucky, and they’re surprising her by coming to her party. I got her a glass cat. And now the tantalizing scent of biscuits and pork chops are wafting toward me, and I really want to go eat.


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