• tea at a friend’s house on a weekday morning. i decided to forsake my usual earl gray for chamomile, because it was just that sort of day.
  • days where i am utterly lazy, days for whispering poetry aloud and soft, baggy sweaters.
  • being able to listen to christmas music again, mostly sara groves but also this song, and especially this one.
  • nothing but indie rock for days at a time. i just discovered neutral milk hotel is a real thing.
  • my little sister taught me how to make paper snowflakes. she decided to do so after lunch on a school day, but my mom let her after she presented her very convincing argument: “Mom, it’s ejuhcational! Even though I don’t really know what ejuhcational means?”
  • picking out christmas ornaments. each year one of us gets to choose how to decorate our tree, and we buy cheap ornaments and make the rest. this year was my turn, so we’re doing light pink and silver ribbons and ornaments, and later we’ll quill paper snowflakes and paint silver polka dots onto our black ornaments. i love making christmas decorations.
  • my baby not-really-cousin-even-though-he-might-as-well-be. he’s six months old and at the adorable stage where he’s learned to laugh every time i can’t help kissing his bright red cheeks.
  • twenty-three days until my sixteenth birthday. i’m excited because in my head it means i can get my license, even though i can’t, because i haven’t even bothered with my permit yet.

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