“The larger world never gives girls that message that their bodies are valuable simply because they are inside them.” ~Naomi Wolf

read this and was genuinely ashamed and saddened realizing i have never thought of  this before, at least not clearly enough to understand WHY everything i am thinking about body-image (a term that for some reason seems like absolute bullshit to me, probably because it seems so wrong to me to have any image of a body as anything besides what it is, a body) seems to be somehow completely and insidiously missing the mark.



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  1. “completely and insidiously…” — i know just what you mean…realizing you’ve fallen short not just in degree, but in direction. or like there’s a whole other dimension to be operating in that you’ve missed.

    i read an academic article once called “conflicts of body and image,” i think, which took issue with the term body image in a compelling way. i’ll send it your way when i have that book back, in case you’re interested.

    and books: have you read (or, do you know) the book which YOUR quote is from?

  2. most definitely interested; thanks, love. and no; i know OF the book but i have been doing so much schoolwork that i haven’t had time to read anything for about a month now. on my to-read list, though. along with about a thousand others.

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