hunger games trailer

i am so freaking excited about this movie (which is saying something because i don’t think i’ve ever been genuinely excited about a movie except for maybe deathly hallows 1 and 2,) mostly because jennifer lawrence was incredible in winter’s bone and she is almost-perfect for katniss.

mostly though i can’t get over cinna and haymitch and effie. first of all, they just plain got cinna all wrong, but i’m also a little biased because the guy who works at the payless a few miles from my house looks exactly like i always envisioned him and i have had this vague hope that someone will see him and somehow manage to get him in the movie (because of course everyone goes to cheap shoe stores to find the ideal actor.) and haymitch is… like… cute and rugged and young? i’m sorry, WHAT? (and am i the only one who thought effie was supposed to be a bit of a dumpy blithering idiot?) i also hate peeta. a lot. at least gale is okayish.

so i have very mixed feelings, but really the way the characters look isn’t a big deal (okay, yes it is) compared to if they actually get the plot right. they just better knock my socks off.

(and that’s gonna take a lot. my socks have shrunk enough recently that getting them off is quite an ordeal.)



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2 responses to “hunger games trailer

  1. Addy

    I love the actor that plays Peeta but he is totally wrong for the part. I agree with you on Effie and Haymitch. However while I agree Lenny Kravitz looks totally wrong for Cinna I think he will be able to pull off the part extremely well. I can’t wait for this movie to come out….<3

  2. I’m sure he will, acting-wise. I was just hoping that he would be as physically un-distracting (so not a word) as he was supposed to be in the book.

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