A poem about the Death Star, as told by Hope Crews.

This evening I found my one of my sister Hope’s first attempts at poetry. My mom is staying at her dad’s house while he recovers from surgery, so Hope dedicated it to her. It reads as follows:

Dear mom I am riting a powam
for you mom I love you the is a powam
for you abawt the deth ster
for derth vaters home vater is Luks dad
hoo was Anicin Skiwocer hoo chands too
vater and chanj too bad Luke had a
lif saver just like vater
hoo was cild bi the alst chans the
epier was too omost too the time he cood
cil luke skiwocer but vater
had savd Luke and evereebutee
was happy but Luke was sad a
litl bit sad Perises Laya was Lukes
sister and Luke fawn at in the
3 ster wors

ritin bie Hope Crews

(Translation, for people like me who had to read it eight times first:

Dear mom I am writing a poem
for you I love you there is a poem
for you about the death star
for Darth Vader’s home Vader is Luke’s dad
Who was Anikin Skywalker who changes to
Vader and changed to bad Luke had a
life saver (<—- that makes me laugh every time) just like Vader
who was killed by the last chance the
Empire was too almost to the time he could
kill Luke Skywalker but Vader
had saved Luke and everybody
was happy but Luke was sad a
little bit sad Princess Laya was Luke’s
sister and Luke found out in the
3 star wars.

written by Hope Crews)

I could not be more proud that my little sister is  a) writing poetry about b) Star Wars and c) dedicating it to her mommy like it’s the most normal thing ever for a six year old to write poetry about the Death Star.

She’ll turn out well.



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5 responses to “A poem about the Death Star, as told by Hope Crews.

  1. Haha! That’s incredibly sweet and full of many awesome things.

  2. Shaun, as you once called me

    Man I wish i had a Death star poem written to me too!

  3. She won’t write anyone else one; Raina’s dad asked her to write him one and she rolled her eyes and told him she can’t write poems for people she doesn’t “really know.”

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