packages in the mail. particularly delightful ones.

making things out of other things, and then giving them away.

writing two letters in one day to two of the loveliest people i know, miss erin and holly. (i would link, but my computer is not allowing me. my computer is FANTASTIC. oh, except for that it’s not.)

decorating envelopes- because sometimes i get tired of blank whiteness and need to doodle.

entering art in the state fair, not expecting it to place, but just wanting to share it with other people.

earl gray tea in my happy mug (see the top of it above) which has seventy happy faces on it and all are different. or, when traveling, an excellent thermos to keep it piping! hot.

approval from the mother on my decision to stop eating meat as of my sixteenth birthday (not quite three months) and possible participation in my goal of at least one year of vegetarianism from my best friend, as well.

weekly dinners with my grandmother and occasionally grandfather as well- we tend to disagree on a lot of things (when i brought up becoming vegetarian, i believe ‘scathing’ would be the word for the response i got) but it is still one of the most pleasant times of my week.

being accused of becoming a romantic, due to my current obsession with poetry, art, and tea.

the words lugubrious and globular. who cares what they mean, they’re delightful to say.

finding writing in old books, and guessing things about the person who put it there.

my art teacher trusting me enough after eight years of teaching me that it’s been a year since i’ve actually done the assigned project the exact way i was supposed to- i am testing to see how far he will allow me to take my creativity, and so far there are no boundaries.

my phone- it’s almost square shaped, it’s so squat and adorable. and the back is the prettiest, brightest shade of blue. the screen saver of the adorable five-day-old piglet smiling at it helps, too.



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5 responses to “happiness

  1. oh, can’t wait, darling…if you haven’t mailed it yet, i’ve a different address now that the one on the return.

  2. and pleased to hear of your vegetarianism resolution! i am similarly planning to celebrate my tenth anniversary (next summer) by reaching full veganism by then.

  3. this post lifted my spirits – I like these things and you so much.

  4. holly- darn, sent it yesterday morning. :/ and that’s great- i would love to become vegan, but right now i don’t think it would be practical. one step at a time, i guess.

    erin- i like you too. your letter should be mailed by tomorrow. it’s a rather long one and a bug landed on my last draft and i freaked out and went to brush it off and the result was guts all over the page, and i don’t like to send people i like letters with dead things on them, so i am rewriting it right now :P

  5. for sure.

    but erin likes dead things…

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