anyone who doesn’t believe in rape culture is an idiot, and i hope they’re offended by my saying that.

just a note to all the people out there who claim to be feminists and yet think porn is great, prostitution is “beautiful” and rape is funny, although i am fairly sure this applies to none of my regular followers:

every single time you make light of rape, and this includes both shrugging it off and making jokes about it, you encourage it. you support the culture in which my best friend was raped and i heard my own supposedly feminist friends say they ‘weren’t excusing it, but’ she was a very sexual person. sexual meaning, in this situation, nothing more than attractive. you contribute to a world in which pretty = asking to be raped. a world where a woman can be molested, and yet the molester is the one who receives the sympathy because ohgodhejustfeltsoBADaboutitafterward.

every time you watch porn, it effects every single woman you talk to. every you buy into that shit, you encourage the attitude with which even the “nice guys” are allowed to treat anyone they feel like as their own piece of shit property. and guess what? i can tell you, there is nothing sexy or appealing about being treated like property. there is nothing appealing about being expected to laugh along and act like you don’t care because otherwise, you’re a ‘feminazi bitch.’ there is NOTHING. positive. about feeling like an object. objects are not SUPPOSED to have feelings. every time you treat one of us like an object, you also send the message that we are not entitled to the rights of an average human being such as anger and pain when we’re treated with that kind of disrespect.

every time you try to convince us that stripping is beautiful, that prostitution can be wonderful ‘for some people,’ you excuse it as a whole. you make light of it as a whole. and as long as it’s fine for you to abuse SOME women, as long as you are ENTITLED to SOME women, what the hell is stopping you from being entitled to all of us?

i’m guilty of making light of all this, too. i’ve done it before, and it makes me sick to think of things i’ve said in the past, damns i haven’t given that have so seriously affected so many people i love. i’ve kept my mouth shut and accepted the treatment myself, watched it happen to other people, not pulling together the courage to say, just once, to the misogynists making life hell for all of us, STOP. ENOUGH.

but right now i’m angry enough. i am not content with all of this. if i can’t even once express the fact that I DO NOT THINK THE WORLD WE ARE LIVING IN IS OKAY anymore, that I DO NOT THINK THE CULTURE FORCED ON US IS OKAY anymore, i really don’t know how i can stand living in it for one more day.

enough of this bullshit. enough of the misogynist ‘feminists’ i keep meeting. stop kidding yourself, saying this doesn’t REALLY affect women.

i know this is terribly written and scattered, probably because it’s one in the morning, but i am too depressed to sleep right now and the only way i know how to deal with my lack of faith in the entire world is to blog. if anything i’ve said pisses you off, i’m actually pretty freaking not sorry.



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2 responses to “anyone who doesn’t believe in rape culture is an idiot, and i hope they’re offended by my saying that.

  1. GKB

    All I have to say is this: amen.

  2. Fé,
    I believe this outrage and this sense of wrongness are blessings. keep speaking them and keep following them, because what they are and where they go are strong and true places, and the most necessary kinds of both.

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