wondered, does forever start
in the accidental factors thrown in along the way,
and if we got caught up in the leaves, would they break under our weight
or could we
hang pressed against them, fingers wrapped around their brown edges and
sun shining through them, all of us aligned-
drying together, forms crumbling and fading away,
crenulated edges breaking off
until you and i are skeletons made of cooling bones and
the leaves are skeletons made of dry veins
and one day we will all fall and the man with the square jaw and soft voice will
come along and try to
rake us up under the same skies,
but you and i will blow away.


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  1. Kiely

    Hi! I stumbled upon your blog a while ago and I would just like to say how you’re an amazing poet! I try to write poems too but none of them are as good as yours. (:

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