i don’t know, and i don’t need to

you know how sometimes everything gets that glowy tint, the kind where the sky looks like a million shades of blue and the whole ground underneath is spun gold, and in between the blue and the gold, you are perched precariously on the very top of a fragile, very beautiful globe? and you know how for just an instant, you feel like sobbing and sobbing because everything is so, so… so beautifully and intricately handcrafted with you in mind and everything you love. and everything has been thought of and considered and organized just so. each heartbeat that throbs in your chest can resonate through the sky and bounce off of the clouds and ricochet from the stars, and each breathe you take fits into the pattern of the waves, in and out, lapping against the fine earth spun from skeletons, until the day your breath fades and your bones are mixed into the ground and you are part of the dust again. and you fit, and the whole world fits, and if you close your eyes, you can feel everything turning into place.

this song makes me feel like that.


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One response to “i don’t know, and i don’t need to

  1. or skeletons spun of fine earth.

    I can imagine you watching the light stretching with this song in your ears.

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