things that are making me smile

  • getting a short funny letter from a hilarious friend, and a long letter from a very, very close friend begging me to come out back east to get away from the craziness here in the desert, which was very thoughtful even though I can not afford to fly all the way to Kentucky and back again. It’s always good to know there is a family that is not your own but loves you enough to keep their house open for you when you need them.
  • finally accepting the fact that not all endings are neat and tidy and clear cut. Sometimes they are messy, or not as final as I would like them to be, or unexpected or confusing. But the point is, they are endings making way for beginnings. Maybe not a new series, but at least a beginning to a sequel. :)
  • this song (actually, pretty much anything by A Fine Frenzy.)
  • being mature when speaking to the person who helped make the last four months of my life completely suckish.
  • my happy mug. See blog header. The best gift my friend ever let her mom pick out for me and forgot about.
  • flip flop tan lines.
  • being told in all seriousness by my friend that the reason I am short may be because I don’t eat enough or the right foods. Really? You mean it couldn’t have to do with the fact that EVERYONE on my mom’s side of the family is short? I’m actually taller than the average woman on the awesome side. And we eat food whenever we feel like it.
  • looking in mirrors. The fact that this makes me smile is quite a big deal to me.
  • red-headedness
  • this website. My particular favorites are this dress and this one. Oh, and this is one of the prettiest things I have ever wanted. Oh, and I would wear this everysingleday.


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3 responses to “things that are making me smile

  1. Jen

    A Fine Frenzy, is most wonderfully wonderful. Alison Sudol is a bit of an idol of mine.

    I really like this post. (yes it made me smile!)

  2. geekspawn

    I very much agree.

  3. Tripta

    i’ve been thinking about leaving a comment for ages now, but laziness should be my middle name.
    i love your poetry. love love LOVE it. never stop writing!

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