the art of drinking tea

pick your favorite mug,
maybe the one with seventy faces smiling up at you,
then sift through a box of samples,
smelling each to decide what will taste the best.
set your water to boiling,
take a moment to perch on the counter and close your eyes as the water starts to sizzle,
breathe long and soft, thinking of your day
and going back to a few lovelier memories.
pour the water over your teabag,
add a pinch of white sugar, a few drops of cream,
swirl about gently as it begins to steep and darken.
burn your fingers as you squeeze a stream of tea from your bag,
wishing you’d bought the kind
with a string to wrap around your spoon instead.

walk up the stairs, lie down on your unmade bed,
toes snuggling under soft sheets,
and open your favorite book,
enjoying the scent as old pages mingle with chamomile.
raise the warm glass mug to your pursed lips,
blow hard enough to chase away a layer of steam
but not enough to splatter hot liquid onto your tongue,
let your eyelids sink down and rest as you take a sip and let the heat clear your sinuses
and finally relax with your favorite sleepytime blend.



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4 responses to “the art of drinking tea

  1. Geekspawnstalker

    Hey, do you have a boy friend?

    Your words are beautiful, they make me want to do ballet.

  2. geekspawn

    Cole, you just made my LIFE.

  3. Geekspawnstalker

    Uh who is this cole I’m bob the immigrant from jalalabad. I and my pet gerbal are very happy here thanks to your blog. It truly gives me an insight to the American people.

  4. I really like this one… it’s so cozy.

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