melted butter sun

we stand in the summer heat,
melted butter sun trickling over our bodies,
black and polka dotted swim suits clinging to our skin-
hers dark and shining,
mine pale and turning light gold
at the edges.
we spray each other with the hose,
a snake spewing warm venom
that mixes with the heat
and makes our eyelids heavy beneath our wet bangs
and eyelashes,
coaxing us to close our eyes and
fall into a deep afternoon sleep.

we turn the water on the porch,
splattering against concrete
and washing away the dirt for a day or two,
missing once in a while
and soaking each other in the face.

in the evening,
it cools down to a shady purple
as we walk through the grass
to sit on the swings.
she pumps as hard as she can,
toes brushing tree branches,
and i sway back and forth slowly
as i listen to her shrieks of laughter
mingling with dog barks and
fading to silence
as the sky goes from indigo to dark grey.



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2 responses to “melted butter sun

  1. Jenica

    Wow. I don’t even know what to say…this just resonates. I know what you mean.

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