going to carolina in my mind

five days left in the scorching heat, in what used to be my comfort zone. then we are off! where at first i was hesitant to leave most of my family, all of my friends, and everything here in my desert, i’m now itching to go. the timing is working out perfectly; we’re leaving when i most need to get away.

i will miss everyone, but i’m ready to say goodbye for a while. i need time to spend by myself with just my parents and sisters, without the constant chaos of other people and being trapped in one place with nothing to do but wonder and worry. it’s definitely time to get out there to someplace new; take a few days to travel across the country and see fifty places at once, and then take a week to spend doing as much nothing as possible at the beach. i’m going to work on my “pied peter piper in wonderland” novel, and write anything else that comes to me, but mostly i am going to be somewhere new and let things happen to me instead of making them happen for a while. after that we’ll drive up to washington d.c. for up to a week and see as much of what is has to offer as possible, although i doubt we’ll manage to see much besides the smithsonian museums, given its size. but it doesn’t matter. it won’t be here and i can breathe for a while somewhere new and exciting.

but i’ll be back in three weeks. i’m a desert girl at heart and i love my home. i don’t know that i could ever leave arizona for good.


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  1. hope it’s beautiful and everything you need, my dear!

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