nearly pure

i see your face is ripped, darling, it’s quite beautiful. the tendrils of loose hair, the wrinkled shirt, the way you slump forward, a really thrilling display of emotion to be critiqued. i applaud you on your decision to capture this sweet moment of despair, gives us a whole new perspective on the color spectrum, and your weakness shines through so brilliantly. lovely lovely lovely. your elbows will surely be bruised tomorrow morning from leaning on the table, please be sure to snap a picture or two, i do love the splotches of purple and blue and black in contrast with your pale skin. a few days later you can capture a few more images of the yellowing and green faded injuries, titled with something to the effect of “time heals all wounds” because you clearly understand that better than any of us. of course you know i am always here to give you constructive criticism when you need it, just remember that i know best what you need and that what you want is completely irrelevant. now straighten up and go record a few more moments of your history, i’m tired of this part, moving on, hurry up, something even more raw this time. there is always room for self improvement, which is, undoubtedly, why you are doing this to yourself and to me. you know what they say, practice makes perfect, go and break your heart a time or two more until you have mastered the art, don’t stop until you reach higher ground, and even then maybe it’s time to start bettering yourself and reach for the sun.



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3 responses to “nearly pure

  1. extremely interesting.

  2. Jenica

    I think I almost get this, or part of this; it certainly evokes images. Anyway it’s exquisitely written. Prose poetry.

  3. geekspawn

    Holly- thank you. :)

    Jenica- also, thank you! *I* don’t completely get this- I just saw a picture on flickr and began to read the comments and it turned into this.

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