20 more things that make my heart flip-flop a bit

1. bike rides on one of the last cool evenings of the season

2. classic disney soundtracks (specifically this song and this one and this one)

3. painting cities and canyons with watercolor paints

4. singing regina spektor when no one’s around (imperfectly, but of course, perfection would defeat the purpose)

5. my new “courage” bracelet- a little reminded whenever i look down.

6. re-reading a swiftly tilting planet by madeliene l’engle for the 12thish time. quite possibly my favorite book of all time, absolutely one of the top five books that feels most like home while reading it. i want to be part of the murray family. although i despised the books about meg’s kids- they lacked everything i loved about the first four books.

7. the pain experienced in places i didn’t know existed after trying yoga (and failing, but who cares, i tried it and had fun)

8. playing myst: revelation for the second time. frustrating? yes. beautiful? also yes. peter gabriel’s soundtrack = ftw

9. feeling beautiful (has very little to do with appearances; is therefore a million times better than looking beautiful.)

10. pink braces, just enough of a pop of color when i smile that i feel like doing it whenever i look in a mirror.which is good for me, i think.

11. the discovery that my hair is long enough i can a) pull it back into a ponytail b) pull it back into pigtails and c) curl it (that is, if i had a decent curling iron)

12. buttons, pockets, anthills, elephant trunks, love, appendixes, teapots, clouds- i mean, really. take a few minutes to think about each of these individual things. pretend you’re an alien and have never heard of any of these things before. they’re kinda-sorta-really-freakin’ amazing.

13. new york accents.

14. this song. no more tears- this month it’ll have been two years since marie sue died, high time to stop crying over the death of a little girl i never met, and time to start waiting and looking forward to the day where i finally get to meet her. :)

15. my best friend. there is something wonderful about the lack of drama guys provide and the outstanding amount of support that lack of drama provides.

16. that overwhelming feeling of accomplishment after reaching a goal. i swear, the moment i posted my last napowrimo poem, my self-esteem shot up past the roof and clouds and earth’s atmosphere and is now probably leaving the milky way and still going strong.

17. reading y’all’s blogs. i love bloggers. :)

18. my decision to keep on not using capital letters after i’m done with poetry- for some reason, lowercase letters seems to make more of an impact to me. and doesn’t it just make you feel like a rebel? well, not really. since most every illiterate teen in america does so along with most of the literate ones, it’s too popular to be real rebellion. oh well, it’s rebellious to the girl inside me who automatically reaches for the shift key.

19. this absolutely beautiful may weather. may? already? wow.

20. plans for a summer that will be a millions times better than last summer, which was the worst summer of my life. this year is going to be amazing whether it likes it or not. i will not be compromising myself this year.


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