NaPoWriMo, day twenty six

“yeah, i live for little moments like that”

we’re country music on the fourth of july, singing along while fireworks explode like glowing spiders over our heads, warm root beer and mosquito bites in the dark, telling you-had-to-be-theres and laughing hysterically while lying on a stained quilt in the soccer field.

we’re sprinkles and frosting tangled in long dirty blond hair, video camera rolling and scalding water spraying us until we’re soaked through and breathless with inside jokes and footage of four little church girls losing their minds.

we’re two awkward first impressions, the bookworm and the obnoxious cute guy- the last friendship anyone (including us) expects to see, full of midnight conversations, nicknames, arguments, ridiculous schemes about college and traveling the world, stubborn comparisons and permanent marker ink
on the inside of an arm that doesn’t come off.

we’re a bunch of opposites, harsh words and tears caught in throats and trying to spill over, stomachaches from giggling fits and strained vocal chords, turning a lighthearted wish into a furious argument and resentful jabs one minute, dancing on the table and singing our heads off  in a fit of crazy fearlessness in the next.

no one ever called us perfect- only a pile of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

(This one’s for my AZ best friends. Taylor, Mikayla, and Justin, you guys rock my socks. I know we all argue ((well, except for Taylor… you and I got our arguing out during our hating-each-other-phase when we were little)) but our crazy inside jokes and your amazing patientness in dealing with me makes it all worth it. I totally don’t deserve your amazingness, God’s blessed me three time over with you guys. Love y’all :) )


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