NaPoWriMo, day thirteen

(posted in advance ’cause i’ll be busy tomorrow. this poem wouldn’t have been possible without one of my wonderful best friends Mickvader. Ah, good times, good times. We will always miss THEM. ;) )

cupcakes smashed into hair,

i’m surprised i didn’t break your neck.

oh well, at least we’re scarred for life.

bowls of ravioli and midnight epiphanies,

did you know that candy bar made me cry when even his death couldn’t?

remember when he told us he was “being a problem?”

you’ll never let me forget the night we all went ice skating, making a point to use the word “flirt” against me as often as possible.

RICHARD!!! she screamed, and i woke up gigging into the carpet.

and there he sits like the queen of england at a croquet tournament…

turn off the flash, darn you! i said, i’m being blinded!

maybe a lime green couch, we decided, and an accent wall with


i’m telling you, we have an incredible future on the food network.

could we possibly,

just once,

go for a night without talking about THEM?

i don’t think you and i will ever be teachers,

but we were rocking vacation bible school.

not sure about you, but i’ll never take those three quotes off our list.

when i say GO…

that was wonderful, ladies.

planted his hand on his hip, put on that condescending, canadian tone, asking

is he your crush??


obedience is the most annoying song on the face of the PLANET, that’s what.

at least we know he doesn’t back wash.

i hope jesus was shining, cause we sure as heck weren’t. not even once.

the only time i will ever consider making a gingerbread house again is in july.

where’s my birthday wish?

I don’t freezin’ care!

oh, that DOES smell good. oh, uh, how’s the skit going? how’s your fraternal twin?

i laughed out loud when i re-read my birthday letter,

the kind of laugh that seizes your stomach and chokes out of your mouth with a will

even though you’ve heard the joke a million times.

you had to be there.


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One response to “NaPoWriMo, day thirteen

  1. mickvader

    That almost made me cry!! Oh them…and Anaheed telling me to stick my nose through the crack and then as soon as I do it….Oh GOOD TIMES!!! Man I miss them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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