squirming, burbling happiness fills hungry arms

wrapped around solid red stripes
scarred wrists smile and say i told you it was worth it

it’s a oasis of birdsong
and four year old aim is surprisingly true at times.

when owl eyes twist about in a scowl
barely concealing giggles
something flashes and i realize
yes, it’s her

it’s an amazing concept, insanity. alice fell down a hole
and another girl chatters with her own inventions
that are more real than most
of us.

did she make them up or did we put them into her mind?

something’s being stirred inside and i
don’t know yet if it’s a breakthrough or a lock-down-
or maybe it’s both, and will only turn into a

What would it take to push you over the edge to insanity? Theoretically, obviously.



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2 responses to “squirming, burbling happiness fills hungry arms

  1. this one makes me want to cry for some reason.

  2. Q

    Losing all my family and friends. That’s what it would take.

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